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The impact of our imports from Egypt in 1999 and 2001
The data below are our exclusive property. Any reproduction, even partial, will entail law suits.

The Egyptian Mau is described as a medium size cat. Still important discrepecancies are found, depending both on inbreed coefficients and on origins.

One of our catteries imported from Egypt two bronze males, respectively in 1999 and 2001. They were out of two lines having nothing in common. After a several years follow-up of their offsprings, we have noticed that generally speaking, both adults and kittens weights are close-related to inbreed coefficients : a lower inbreed coefficient induces a higher weight.

Whilst remaining elegant, these Maus are at three months already much more muscular than kittens out of lines having no recent new blood - and remain more muscular when adults. We have also noticed that their eyes are green much earlier : commonly at 3 months of age.

The above shows the benefit of new blood. Besides, inbreeding, especially when systematically used, induces risks of health issues - just as in humans !

Introducing our imports in all our lines would very quickly lead us to encounter inbreeding problems. Which is why we avoid it very carefully, and also keep separated lines. Introducing regularly totally new Egyptian Maus is a major necessity, for Egyptian Maus are rare and apart from imports, all Egyptian Maus in the world are somehow related since they all come from the first Maus imported in the United States by Princess Troubetzkoï.

Reducing inbreeding of course does NOT mean destroying all the ancient lines, they must not disappear ! Some are most precious ; they are the result of decades of work by passionate breeders who gave their very best to produce whole lines of amazing beauty and wonderful temperament. These lines must be continued, and we are doing our very best to preserve them.

We are so grateful to Dianick Masson (Nil Blanc), Steve and Becki Bergeron (Tavaron), to Dot Brocksom (Brockhaven), and to Dot Mardulier (Maullenium). We are paying tribute to their work, to their devotion to the breed, and constantly thank them for the confidence they placed in us when allowing us to have some of their gorgeous Maus to enable us to start, then to keep working. Without their precious help, A.I.M.E. would never have accomplished anything.

So let us remain humble and keep in mind Ankh-Sheshonq's advice : " Don't say "I know" ; start learning "

Our main concern is the health of our Maus. That is what we are working for, not for showing purposes. We work on a long-term basis, and our Maus health is our reward.

Working with Egyptian imports may mean sacrifices as regards show results. However, Sahoure of Fondcombe, import from Egypt, successfully attended several shows, both in France and abroad.

Some breeders - who never had the opportunity to show an Egyptian import, nor any of her first generation offspring - write on their websites that in the CFA, imports offspring are not eligible for showing before the 4th generation from the original importation cat. This is totally untrue :

These show results also demonstrate that these Maus not only meet the current standards, but are also perfectly socialized.


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